The now capital of the state of West Bengal and arguably once the capital of the seat of power in the civilized world, Kolkata has a character and charm unlike any other place in the globe. With enough reasons to be formerly called the Paris of the East, the city is a nexus of trade, religion, art, literature and politics. Be it the ëPujoí season to ëEsplanade Marketí, every inch of space and every minute of time is part of a grand story which began to weave itself in history hundreds of years ago. Home to more than 15 million people, it's a place seemingly stuck in time, from colonial architecture to the colonial mindset of it's people. Often looked (and found) as the epitome of poverty, over-population & pollution, Kolkata is a story of the struggle for survival and of growth where on one hand life seems next to impossible while on the other, a place of rebirth and energy that only itís soul can accommodate.