On April 25th 2015, a devastating earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale struck the small Himalayan country killing more than 8000 people and displacing many more. My introduction to the country came a month after in the form of photo assignment which surveyed the aftermath of the catastrophe. I've made trips again and although this project started as the earthquake-related story, my subsequent trip changed it to something more.

What started with razed buildings paved the way to the building of new homes and hearts. Life stopped but then is starting again. The endurance and faith of the people are starting to go beyond that fateful day and the longer I stayed there, I realised that everyday beauty and life in the country was strong enough for the project and that it was not hinged on just the quake. Painfully yet beautifully, the larger picture has begun to come to the forefront. From farmers in the plains to labourers in the city to young children in the villages, every life here has a difficult past but also the possibility of a hopeful future. The following images try and show how the people of the country live to, through and above the difficult circumstances that came about.


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