Wood shopping & the Fujifilm X-Pro2

Had a great time shooting this morning. A happy coincidence of accompanying an artist friend to Bamboo Bazar, Bangalore's wood market and having the Fujifilm X-Pro2 with the 18mm f2 lens lent by me friend and fellow photographer Chentil Mohan . Though I initially didn't plan to shot much, once I got going with the Acros + Green filter film simulation,  It was as if the scene before me was asking to go for more. The sawdust, old machinery and graphic geometry was too good to pass by. The following edit is from the shoot. All images were shot as JPGs with the above-mentioned combination and have been slightly processed with exposure, contrast and clarity adjustments in lightroom. I think I'm in love with the X-Pro2 + Acros :)

Thanks again Che for letting me test out the camera without any reservations. I think my eagerness to get one of my own just increased a notch or two. And thanks Trini for taking me along. The expansion of your artistic repertoire is always an inspiration.