50 years on, Still going strong

A few days ago I had the opportunity to shoot a live concert. Getting 70s and 80s Hindi classics in my ears was soothing yet motivational. The latter because the man himself, Mr. Santosh Hegde was celebrating his golden jubilee as a professional singer. He's been singing publicly for over 50 years (he started when he was 16) and has had over 1000 live performances. When you see professionalism, passion and energy even after decades of doing something, that's a sure sign of love and excellence in the art.

To be honest, i'm not even sure what state i'll be when i'm 66 (if I make it so far). But for every 'today' I have, I remember what Chase Jarvis says 'Remember, you only have two choices as a creator. Make excuses or make art'

Here are the images from that evening. Thanks Mithila for inviting me to photograph this special event. Great father-daughter duo BTW!